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In 2012 I moved from Moscow to Berlin and in 2015 I moved from Berlin to Mallorca.

In Moscow I worked for three years at civil service and in Berlin – for another three years at diplomatic consular service. I had to communicate with dozens of persons every day, that is why I understand people´s "pains" and know how to find proper solutions to them.

On Mallorca I worked as event-manager, luxury real estate makler and later on as business development and online-marketing manager of a famous mallorcan cuisine restaurant chain.

As I´m a hobby writer, I´m the author of novels and stories. I have a good sense of style and there are no mistakes in my writings.

I´m a polyglot. I speak, write in and translate from English, German, Spanish and Russian.

Olga Samus
Online Marketing and Business Assistance Expert
Advantages of cooperation with me
for your business
I worked as events-manager. That is why I never undermine the deadline, always keep in touch and complete all the tasks in time
I understand that profit, growing sales and brand awareness are the main purposes of any business. I also want your brand to be recognized, your business to develop and the number of sales transactions to increase that is my purpose and task
Business owner and business assistant are playing in the same team. That is why we should clearly define and understand the strategy, stages and the results that we expect from our commun project
I make high quality writings. My texts are attractive, stylish and interesting to read
I´m polyglot. That means that I can work in English, German, Spanish and Russian
High quality. Style. In time
Social media administration according to the approved content plan and posting schedule, high quality and legal images selection and creative processing, elaboration of a unique style for the business page, attractive texts writing, tactful and timely answers to followers´ comments and messages, posts upgrade, detailed report
Strategy elaboration, high quality and legal images selection and creative processing, ads texts writing, testing, results monitoring and optimization, analytics, detailed report
Landing Pages
Attractive landing pages creation using Tilda or Wix constructors, high quality images and texts fonts selection, if necessary – requests gathering and processing
Creation of stylish Power Point presentations, selection of necessary images and graphics
Email Marketing
Email shout outs with information about your products, services and your corporate news
Stylistically correct and attractive translations into & from English, German, Spanish and Russian
If necessary the following specialists will work over your project together with me:
- web-designer
- copywriter
- marketer
- video editor
- other specialists
Facebook and Instagram accounts management for ES REBOST
Facebook account management for Finance Guide Denmark
Facebook account management for Konsul Group
Content plan and postings schedule for boutique-atelier PrimaBella
"We asked Olga Samus for a content plan and posting schedule. We were very satisfied with the work that she had done. She went into the details and the result was outstanding"
Victoria Serdyuk
Boutique-atelier PrimaBella
"Olga has worked with me in my company Finance Guide in Denmark as an SMM manager for the Facebook business page of the company. Olga was very professional in her communication all the way, which I appreciated. She always met her deadlines and was available for making adjustments to her work. While working with me, Olga has created a content plan for Facebook business page, she wrote posts according to the plan and designed the pictures related to the posts. She struck me by being very creative and at the same time she really got the concept of my company and was sticking to it in her content plan. I give my best recommendations to work with Olga "
Еlena Каbatchenko
Finance Guide Denmark
For those who want to know me better:
I have a blog about travelling and life in Spain on Instagram and a Facebook page about travelling
These are 100% non-commercial personal accounts, that were created to tell others something interesting and useful. There are no promotions, mutual likings, mass following, mutual PR, bots, other bloggers´ ads, gifs etc. You´re welcome to visit and to read me
Our life is not easy, so I don´t want to complicate it artificially.

That´s why there is no need to fill in any form to contact me.
Just write me a message in WhatsApp:

+49 157 871 78 527

or email me:
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